Verge Solutions delivers the premier Enterprise Quality and Risk Management Platform offering a secure workspace and workflow for high-risk/high-liability data within healthcare systems.

Our partnership takes healthcare organizations from a position of reactive risk management to proactively reducing risk across silos. We help you 
drive the transition from administrative to strategic focus in regard to risk management.


Verge Solutions offers 3 suites of hospital compliance software products

Our Platform: VSuite

The web-based software platform that encompasses all of our products. Products share data, processes and the capability to interact with outside applications, automating and integrating your hospital operations and initiatives. How you configure your own VSuite is up to you. Start with everything or add products as needed, increasing value and integration. Learn More

Software compliance solution for hospitals.

Hospital Suite

The technology to effectively manage hospital processes. Manage risk, improve patient safety, and maintain compliance.

VSurvey | VCommittEase | VSurveillance | VIncident | VRCA | VClaims | VPatientRelations 

Fulls service solution for practitioner credentialing and privileging

Practitioner Suite

The technology to effectively manage medical staff processes. Assess performance and readiness for ideal performance.

VCredentialing | VPeerReview

Software Solution for workers comp and injury reporting

Employee Suite

The technology to effectively manage hospital staff. Assess performance, capability, and readiness for ideal performance.


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